Nutrition Counseling

At Inspiration Nutrition, our goal is to help you break down the latest in nutrition research for you and to Inspire you to make easy, healthy, delicious choices. This can be accomplished at home, at the office, on the road or wherever life takes you.

We will sit, often at your kitchen table- where it all begins, to break down what the challenges are that you face and what your goals are. We will take a comprehensive look at the current habits, practices and stumbling blocks to set a specific, comprehensive plan. From there the fun begins with learning new techniques, approaches and meal ideas. Watch your frustrations melt away as you turn your frustrations into actions and goals met.

By starting our journey in your home and kitchen in particular we will make nutrition come to life for you in a fun and realistic way.  We will get to the heart of the matters you want to address, and find out how to make your kitchen work for you!

We can develop menus and meal plans designed specifically for you and/or your family’s needs and preferences. Often we start with your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator to make sure you are working with the best possible ingredients. From there we may go through the tools you are using to ensure you have what you need to prepare great meals and discover exiting new colors, textures and tastes. We will tour your kitchen, local grocery store, the internet and even a bookstore to ensure you have some great food and recipes in your arsenal of great ideas!

For those less interested in preparing food and more interested in just eating it we will approach your needs by addressing what you have available and what is realistic for you!

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