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In today’s busy world, eating well and choosing delicious, healthy food can seem like an impossible task!

With the enormous amount of information available and often conflicting messages about health, how do you know which are the best foods to eat? Health issues and concerns like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and food allergies make your food choices even more of a challenge. When you are also trying to feed your family or others there can be additional issues to consider.

At Inspiration Nutrition we will help you evaluate both your own nutrition habits and those of your family through analysis and counseling. Nutrition is never just about the food. It is about the person as a whole, their background, family, culture and social thoughts about food, as well as their daily routine and preferences.

We specialize in children's nutrition.  Kids have unique nutritional needs — getting them off to a great start fuels their optimal growth and health for a lifetime. We have worked successfully with picky eaters and children that have diabetes, growth problems, failure to thrive, autism, food allergies,  feeding tubes and weight concerns.

We also provide corporate menu development and meal planning. For many kids, seniors, or other groups, the meals they receive in community programs are a backbone of what they take in all day. Developing these menus requires someone who is aware of specific nutritional goals and federal regulations as well as cost containment and production issues.

At Inspiration Nutrition, our goal is to help you break down the information overload we  all face when it comes to feeding ourselves and our family  and to INSPIRE you to make easy, healthy and delicious choices.

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